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Eric Castro

By October 30, 20202020 Winners

My name is Eric Julio Castro. I am married and have 3 children and live in Kaysville, Utah. I was born in New Jersey, but moved to Utah when I was 7. My father is an immigrant from El Salvador and my mother is a descendant of Mormon Pioneers.


I am currently in my 4th year of teaching Spanish at Millcreek Jr. High, and in that time have grown in knowledge and experience in order to help students be successful in attaining proficiency in various standards.


As a teacher I have worked hard to strengthen the world language, specifically Spanish, program at Millcreek Jr. High. By my second year, the demand was high enough that I began to work on productivity. This growth would not have been complete, however, without student success in the curriculum. I was able to maintain high standards for the students and outperform the district average for language proficiency my second year by over 15% on the Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 levels.


The high demand of Spanish led me to create a new blended classroom program which I have been running this year. Over the past two years I was able to record my lectures. This year, I have 6 blended/flipped Spanish 2 and 3 classes. Through Canvas I have created curriculum through which the students can attain the necessary information at their own pace online, and then I am able to use classroom time to help them master the various standards. 


I also have experience in staff leadership through my work as JSSC and World Language department chair. My work in JSSC has given me experience in working with staff to accomplish school-wide efforts in furthering student learning. I also sit on the LCMT committee through which I develop plans to help struggling students across the school so that they can succeed. As the son of an immigrant, I am hyper-aware of the need to be equitable to all students.


Because of my quick growth I was chosen as a new teacher mentor for the Davis School District. I meet with new hires/teachers during the summer and help them develop curriculum and create classroom procedures to be effective teachers here in the school district.


Through my skills and experiences I will be able to be an effective and efficient administrator in helping staff, students, and the community in furthering the education of Davis School District students.